Burkina Faso approves constitutional revisions in a Bid for Democratic Strengthening

In a significant move, Burkina Faso’s cabinet, led by Transition President Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, reviewed and endorsed amendments to the country’s constitution during the December 7, 2023 meeting. These revisions reflect the transitional government’s commitment to implementing political, administrative, and institutional reforms to fortify democratic principles and uphold the Rule of Law.

A notable reform includes the formal recognition of national languages as official, supplanting French as the working language.

Additionally, the Ombudsman of Burkina Faso and the Economic and Social Council (CES) will be dissolved, with their roles reassigned to a newly proposed institution—the National Council of Communities.

This innovative institution aims to bring together religious leaders, traditional authorities, and grassroots communities, providing them a platform to contribute insights on crucial national decisions.

Another pivotal adjustment involves the transformation of the National Intelligence Agency into a constitutionally mandated National Security Council.

This constitutional overhaul aligns with President Ibrahim TRAORE’s commitment to substantial reforms during the transition period.

The proposed text now awaits further examination and final approval by the Legislative Assembly of the Transition (ALT), marking a crucial step toward ensuring the effective functioning and prosperous future of Burkina Faso.


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