Togo / The dynamism of Togolese Diplomacy: A New Egyptian Ambassador Visits H.E. Robert Dussey

On Monday, Egypt’s new ambassador to Togo, Ahmed Mohamed Eid Moustapha Ahmed, officially presented the figurative copy of his credentials to H.E. Robert Dussey, Togo’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. The meeting highlighted the dynamism of Togolese diplomacy and its commitment to strengthening international relations.

During the talks, Minister Dussey stressed the importance of the areas of cooperation between the two nations, encompassing the economy, trade, investment and, of course, diplomacy.

The discussions demonstrated a shared desire to promote fruitful bilateral relations that will benefit the citizens of both countries.

Without revealing all the details of the discussion, Mr Dussey nevertheless highlighted the strategic importance of the economic ties between Togo and Egypt.

Trade and mutual investment are at the heart of this cooperation, reflecting the shared vision of the two nations to foster economic development.

It should be noted that Cairo already has an embassy in Lomé, demonstrating Egypt’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its diplomatic ties with Togo.

This diplomatic presence fosters direct communication between the two governments and facilitates the coordination of efforts in various fields.

In addition, the meeting highlighted several development programmes already underway between Togo and Egypt.

These initiatives testify to the willingness of the two nations to work together to tackle common challenges, promote economic growth and strengthen their position on the international stage.

This meeting demonstrates Togo’s commitment to expanding its diplomatic network and strengthening ties with key partners such as Egypt.

These efforts will contribute not only to the flourishing of bilateral relations, but also to the economic and social progress of both nations.


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