Ronald Araujo: A Defender’s dedication and optimism for Barça’s future under Xavi

In a recent interview with “Barça Magazine”, Ronald Araujo, FC Barcelona’s central defender and one of the team captains, has affirmed his dedication to the Catalan club. Beyond discussing his personal ambitions, Araujo shows strong support for Xavi Hernández, addressing the criticisms the coach has faced in recent days. This article will delve into Araujo’s commitment, his winning mentality, and his optimistic perspective on Barcelona’s future under Xavi.

Araujo’s Commitment and Ambitions

Opening the dialogue, Araujo expressed a deep-seated desire for continued success with FC Barcelona.

Having already secured three titles with the club, the Uruguayan defender remains hungry for more victories. «I’m a born winner; I always want to win, and when I lose, I get very heated, and my character changes», he declared.

Araujo’s commitment extends not only to personal accolades but also to the collective pursuit of significant titles, both as an individual and as part of the team.

Xavi Hernández and Barça’s Philosophy

In the face of recent criticism directed at Xavi Hernández, Araujo staunchly defended the coach’s impact.

He highlighted the positive transformations brought about by Xavi, emphasizing a return to the quintessential Barça playing philosophy.

Additionally, Araujo acknowledged the integration of young talents into the squad, signifying a promising shift in the team’s dynamics under Xavi’s leadership.

Optimism Amid Challenges

Acknowledging the economic challenges confronting Barcelona, Araujo maintains an optimistic outlook.

Despite the club’s financial difficulties, he commended the arrival of talented individuals who have contributed significantly.

Araujo firmly believes in the team’s potential to compete for the highest honors, illustrating a sense of resilience and unity within the group.


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