Diomansy Kamara calls for unity Amidst controversy Over Aliou Cissé’s Salary arrears

Amidst recent rumors surrounding the alleged salary arrears of the national coach, Aliou Cissé, former Senegalese international and Canal+ consultant, Diomansy Kamara, has weighed in on the issue.

In a video posted on his social media platforms, he stated, «But there is an issue that is causing a lot of noise in the country, and it’s the story of Aliou Cissé and his salary arrears».

However, what seems to have surprised the former player the most is the timing of this public statement. «You know Africans; we are often our own enemies. The African is the enemy of his African brother», he added.

As a former member of the national team, Diomansy Kamara acknowledges that he is not against constructive criticism: «Certainly, there are problems; you know I am one of the first to speak out when things are not going well».

However, he insists that «family matters should be kept within the family», suggesting that certain issues should be addressed internally rather than being exposed publicly.

The former striker expressed concern about the current atmosphere surrounding the Senegal national team: «There has been a lot of criticism around the national team and our players in recent months».

He also emphasized the importance of unity for the team’s future success: «It is in unity that we will manage to achieve something extraordinary».

Aware of the team’s recent achievements, including two consecutive Africa Cup of Nations finals, he calls for solidarity in preparation for the upcoming AFCON in Ivory Coast: «I sense it, and I hope we will come together to achieve something extraordinary in this upcoming AFCON in Ivory Coast».


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