Burkina Faso/Transition: The French Media’s unhealthy obsession with Captain TRAORE and his Government

Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, the transitional President and Head of State, along with members of his government, through their integrity and patriotic actions, daily unsettle the enemies of Burkina Faso. This includes those obsessed adversaries hiding behind defamatory and slanderous articles.

The Burkinabe President and his government are consistently subjected to baseless criticism and unjust attacks from these media outlets, seemingly with nothing else to do but spread false information, aiming to tarnish the reputation of those fighting for genuine independence.

Their mission to divide the Burkinabé people, sow disorder to impede the momentum of the transition for reconquest and sovereignty, not yet accomplished, prompts them to invent other distracting subjects with the hope of achieving their goals.

The latest RFI article on President TRAORE, titled «Burkina Faso: The Galaxy of Traoré», aligns with this agenda.

According to this defamatory and manipulative article, Captain TRAORE has surrounded himself only with close relatives and friends in power.

They even named individuals, attributing titles of cousin, uncle, and the like. Even if this were the case, why focus solely on Captain Ibrahim TRAORE and transitional presidents when this is common for many African leaders?

Why wasn’t a similar article written when Ivorian President Alassane Dramane Ouattara surrounded himself with his brothers, cousins, and friends?

In politics, as in war, one must surround oneself with loyal individuals in whom trust is placed—those who share the same vision and are willing to sacrifice for the common cause.

Furthermore, what business do these individuals have interfering? Why swallow medicine for someone else’s ailment?

Are the Burkinabe complaining about something? This seems to be an obsession and disdain for the transition in Burkina Faso.

Neil Camara



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