Togo: Towards a coherent future with the National Territory Planning Scheme

The Togolese government is committed to shaping the country’s future with the National Territorial Development Plan (NTDP), aiming to guide sustainable and coherent development. Launched in February 2023, the NTDP development process has achieved a significant milestone with the availability of data from the diagnostic assessment.

Territorial development is a major priority in Togo’s development planning, aligning with President Faure Gnassingbé’s vision.

The establishment of the NTDP is a crucial initiative to harmonize policies and sectoral strategies nationwide.

A consortium of firms has been engaged to collect data across all regions, involving various stakeholders such as the government, civil society, private sector, local authorities, development partners, and traditional leadership.

Preliminary results from the diagnostic assessment highlight several challenges facing the country, including territorial inequalities, socioeconomic disparities, demographic issues, and youth-related challenges.

Urban and rural issues, land management, security, climate change, rapid degradation of resources, and the swift urban sprawl of Lomé are also identified.

Minister and Presidential Adviser Pré Simféitchéou emphasize the significance of the NTDP in achieving a politically stable, economically growing, and socially equitable Togo with a high happiness development index.

The National Territorial Development Plan is a strategic blueprint to organize the entire national territory coherently and sustainably.

It addresses diverse aspects such as land use, infrastructure, transportation, environmental preservation, urbanization, and regional development.

The NTDP is a vital tool to ensure balanced development, considering Togo’s economic, social, and environmental needs.

Developed for the next twenty years, it will serve as a developmental reference, facilitating the exploitation of each territory’s potential and the realization of necessary infrastructure for economic and social growth.

The NTDP aims to ensure an equal level of state support for each territory, contributing to economic, financial, and social promotion regardless of its location in the national territory.



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