Burkina Faso – Russia / Strengthening cultural ties between Ouagadougou and Moscow: “WINDOW TO RUSSIA”

The Municipal Library of Ouagadougou was illuminated by the cultural diversity of Russia during the inauguration of the photographic exhibition «WINDOW ON RUSSIA». Organized with expertise by the Center for Public Diplomacy, this exhibition, taking place from January 13 to 19, welcomed prominent personalities, including the Prime Minister, His Excellency Dr. Appolinaire Joachimson KYELEM de Tambèla, and the President of the Legislative Transitional Assembly, His Excellency Dr. Ousmane BOUGOUMA.

In his speech on behalf of the Prime Minister, Minister of State Jean Emmanuel OUEDRAOGO emphasized the belief that culture is the best way to deepen cooperation between peoples.

He announced that this event is just the prelude to other similar events, both in Ouagadougou and in Russia.

These events aim to provide both peoples with the opportunity to discover the diversity and richness of their respective cultures.

The Minister of State expressed his faith that such actions will strengthen the bonds between the Burkinabè and the Russians, fostering better mutual understanding.

Each photograph displayed was praised by the Minister of State as an ambassador of the rich and deep Russian culture, expressing the greatness of the Russian Federation.

Each image tells a story, an open window to the daily life, customs, and beauty of the Russian people.

Natalia KRASOVSKAÏA, Head of the Center for Public Diplomacy, described the exhibition as tangible evidence of the development of relations between Burkina Faso and Russia.

For her, the opening of this exhibition and the launch of the activities of the «Russian House» mark crucial events, symbolizing a deep mutual interest between the two nations. She emphasized that this serves as a solid foundation for the development of many joint educational and cultural initiatives.

WINDOW ON RUSSIA represents a significant step in strengthening cultural ties between Burkina Faso and Russia.

 Through the lens of culture, the two nations are forging stronger bonds, laying the groundwork for fruitful and mutually enriching cooperation.


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