Shocking assault on Ghana’s coach Chris Hughton amidst upset Loss in AFCON opener

The Ghanaian national football team experienced a major scare on Sunday night during their opening match against Cape Verde in the 34th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Despite being considered one of the strong football nations in Africa and an outsider in the tournament, Ghana faced an unexpected setback, losing 2-1 to Cape Verde.

This surprising defeat not only caught many off guard but also angered the team’s supporters, leading to an unfortunate incident.

According to reports from journalist Saddick Adams on Tuesday, the Ghanaian head coach, Chris Hughton, was allegedly physically assaulted by a supporter.

The incident occurred as Hughton and his team were returning to their hotel after the match.

Several members of the coaching staff had to intervene to prevent a more serious altercation.

The assailant was reportedly apprehended by the Ivorian police. This shocking turn of events adds to the complications of Ghana’s initial performance in the AFCON.

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