Burkina Faso / Captain Ibrahim TRAORE: Pillar of stability, hailed by the Centre-West for his visionary leadership

At the heart of the International Cotton and Textile Fair (SICOT), President Ibrahim TRAORE has captured the attention of the dynamic forces in the Central-West region with his clear leadership in managing security and development in Burkina Faso.

 During discussions, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE shared recent security advancements, attributing progress to the unwavering commitment of local populations.

This fruitful dialogue demonstrated massive support for the Head of State and a collective determination to support the ongoing Transition.

In meetings with key stakeholders in the region, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE highlighted positive strides in security over recent months.

He commended the commitment of local populations, emphasizing the massive enrollment of Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) and the acquisition of essential equipment, underlining the collaborative nature of this «people’s war». Improved governance was also acknowledged as a contributing factor.

The vibrant forces expressed their unwavering support for the Head of State and reaffirmed their determination to support the ongoing Transition.

Customary and religious authorities, civil society organizations (CSOs), socio-professional groups, as well as representatives from the provinces of Boulkiemdé, Sanguié, Sissili, and Ziro, unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to the Transitional authorities.

The Transitional President was warmly thanked for his efforts in the fight against terrorism and the progress made in the region’s and the country’s overall development.

President Ibrahim TRAORE enjoys strong and determined support from the population of the Central-West, recognizing his unwavering leadership in securing the region and his commitment to the development of Burkina Faso.”


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