Burkina Faso/Counter-terrorism: More good news from the front line

In the face of persistent threats aiming to sow chaos and despair in certain localities of Burkina Faso, the fighting forces continue to achieve remarkable feats. Earlier this week, criminals once again ventured into the territory guarded by the defense and security forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP).

They were swiftly crushed by aerial missiles, as reported by security sources and relayed by AIB.

These highway robbers arrived in large numbers, intending to target the VDP stationed in Koogo, near Ouargaye, in the Koulpélogo province, Central-East region.

However, they underestimated the professionalism, promptness, bravery, and vigor of these valiant fighters who live to defend their country and fellow citizens.

The wrongdoers were valiantly repelled, providing an opportunity for aerial combatants to intervene.

As usual, these forces left no chance for their adversaries. The criminals did not survive to recount their deeds to their counterparts.

They were successfully dealt with, and their war equipment was recovered by ground units. Operations persist with determination and selflessness.

The land of honest people yearns for peace and stability, and its citizens are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve this in the near future.



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