Doubts over ECOWAS integrity as discontent grows: Calls for dissolution amid allegations of inconsistencies

Why maintain the existence of ECOWAS if it fails to uphold its fundamental principles? In recent years, ECOWAS seems to be widening the gap with the countries of the Alliance of Sahel States. The numerous meetings orchestrated by ECOWAS to discredit members of the Alliance of Sahel States underline this trend.

Initially established to oppose coups d’état, ECOWAS now appears to consider the quest for freedom and the liberation of populations from colonial oppression as reprehensible acts.

Amendments are made to the texts to make life difficult for the people of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, thus ignoring the real issue afflicting the populations of these member countries of the sub-regional organization.

ECOWAS, supposed to be a force against coups d’état, is facing a real coup d’état.

The action taken by Macky Sall highlights once again the ineffectiveness of ECOWAS.

The leaders of the member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States did not even have the opportunity to be criticized before being vilified from all sides.

However, with the protection of the author of the constitutional coup, ECOWAS remains silent.

Since February 3, 2024, when the French-backed local leader, Macky Sall, betrayed his people, ECOWAS has not held a meeting to condemn and sanction this coup d’état.

Under the influence of French prefectures, ECOWAS flouts its own principles, forgetting the principle of equality among all its members.

Trust in ECOWAS is fading. The populations of the member countries must mobilize to demand its dissolution and start afresh.

Otherwise, other nations might also choose to prioritize their sovereignty. The member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States, criticized from the outset of their withdrawal, seem to have ultimately been justified in their decision to withdraw.


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