Togo: The HAAC, the media regulatory authority, plays its part for a peaceful electoral process

In its capacity as the media regulatory body in Togo, the High Authority of Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC) is actively working towards ensuring effective media coverage in the two months leading up to the upcoming electoral consultations. Following the announcement of the date for the legislative and regional elections on April 13, the regulatory body has pledged its commitment to supporting the electoral process by fulfilling its customary role.

The forthcoming mission in organizing this dual election involves overseeing the media coverage of the polls.

This includes defining the regulations that will govern the work of media professionals and planning access for all candidates to the media, with a particular focus on public outlets.

The supervision of media coverage for press professionals during the electoral period is deemed crucial due to the sensitivity of this time.

Given that any information has the potential to escalate the situation and lead to a sociopolitical crisis in the country, it is imperative for the regulatory authority to take responsibility proactively.

It is important to highlight that the electoral body will be convened on April 13 for the legislative and regional elections.

The electoral campaign is set to commence on March 28 and will conclude on April 11.




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