Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré responds to the needs of his people by releasing 10 billion CFA Francs for the construction of butane gas depots

As a testament to his commitment to the well-being of the population, President Ibrahim Traoré and his government have announced a funding of 10 billion XOF for the construction of two butane gas depots, addressing a growing demand in the country.

This initiative, unveiled by the government spokesperson in an official statement this Wednesday, aims to establish two butane gas depots in the strategic cities of Kaya and Koupela.

These areas, densely populated and playing a crucial role in the economic and social life of the country, will benefit from essential infrastructure to meet local energy needs.

The total amount allocated for these projects is 10.185 billion XOF, a significant sum demonstrating the government’s determination to effectively address the increasing demand for domestic energy.

Out of this budget, 6.871 billion XOF will be dedicated to the construction of the Kaya depot, while 3.313 billion XOF will be invested in the Koupela depot.

Carefully selected companies will implement these projects, ensuring the quality and sustainability of the infrastructure to be built.

 Furthermore, the funding for these initiatives will be provided by Burkina Faso through the National Company of Burkina Faso Hydrocarbons (Sonabhy), emphasizing the government’s commitment to the country’s energy development.

In a context marked by a growing demand for butane gas, these depots will play a crucial role in increasing the availability of gas for local populations.

By bringing these facilities closer to densely populated areas, the government aims to facilitate access to this essential resource, thereby improving the daily lives of thousands of citizens.


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