Equatorial Guinea Football Controversy: Players Emilio Nsue and Ivàn Edu Salvador speak out amid suspension

Emilio Nsue and Ivàn Edu Salvador, players from the Equatorial Guinea national football team, have been suspended indefinitely by the Equatoguinean Football Federation due to alleged acts of indiscipline during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

In response, the players have decided to address the situation and present their side of the story through a live session on their social media accounts this Thursday.

The federation’s decision to suspend the two key players has attracted attention, especially after their impactful contributions to the team’s performance in Ivory Coast during the AFCON.

The coach, Juan Micha Obiang, contradicted the federation’s claims of indiscipline, asserting that the reasons behind such allegations should be detailed.

He expressed surprise at the suspension based on his report and clarified that he did not accuse Nsue of any indiscipline.

However, he acknowledged a more complicated situation regarding Edu Salvador.

Rumors suggest that Nsue’s suspension may be linked to a conflict with the Equatorial Guinean Federation and the Sports Ministry, where he is considered the leader of a rebellion regarding unfulfilled promises regarding bonuses.

Additional incidents, such as the team’s premature departure from their hotel due to unpaid bills and an altercation between Nsue and the federation president over alleged mismanagement of funds, have intensified the situation.

Another episode at the airport involved the police preventing the team’s departure due to a reported theft of a safe from the team’s hotel, which Edu Salvador had taken with him to secure his valuables.

Facing the escalating controversy, Nsue and Edu Salvador plan to share their version of events and set the record straight in an Instagram live session on Thursday. In a document signed by the team players, they complain about their treatment during the preparation and stay in Ivory Coast, pointing fingers at the federation.

They also allege the disappearance of $800,000 meant for bonuses. The unfolding situation raises concerns about the impact on the team’s morale and the potential reluctance of players to join the national team in the future.

Source: sportnewsafrica

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