Burkina Faso: Under the presidency of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the government reprimands indiscipline to strengthen national security

In a resolute stance against actions jeopardizing the fight against terrorism, Burkina Faso, under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, has implemented stringent measures in response to a regrettable incident involving the Special Intervention Unit of the Water and Forests.

The dissolution of this unit, announced on Wednesday, follows an incident on February 21 where a faction refused explicit orders to relocate within the Center-West region for a security operation in Hauts-Bassins.

The disobedience culminated in a severe act: the hostage-taking of the Director-General of Water and Forests, posing a threat to both institutional stability and public security.

Minister of Environment, Water, and Sanitation, Roger Baro, decried the gravity of the events, characterizing the unit’s actions as «very serious and unacceptable» based on established discipline standards.

Confronted with this violation, the Council resolved to dissolve the Special Intervention Unit of the Water and Forests, showcasing the government’s unwavering commitment to upholding order and discipline within the security forces.

It is noteworthy that the repercussions extend beyond dissolution. The 165 individuals involved in the incident will face sanctions in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations.

This decisive action serves as a clear message: any act of disobedience or disloyalty that compromises national security will be met with the severest consequences.

Despite being established in 2023 with the critical mission of fortifying security in vulnerable areas, the Special Intervention Unit of the Water and Forests, through its reprehensible conduct, not only tarnished its own reputation but also posed a threat to ongoing endeavors aimed at safeguarding citizens and ensuring the country’s stability.


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