Togo: Importers in the AES express gratitude to Faure Gnassingbé for financial facilitation in Goods transit to their countries

While the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) has imposed a series of severe sanctions against West African countries whose power is in the hands of military juntas following coups d’état, particularly those of the Sahel States Alliance (AES), Togo under Faure Gnassingbé has emerged as one of their major supporters.

While some coastal countries, in compliance with the degrading and inhumane sanctions of ECOWAS, have chosen to starve their landlocked neighbors by closing their ports and blocking borders, Togo, on the contrary, has maintained commercial exchanges with these countries and even eased financial obstacles for the transit of goods through its autonomous port in Lomé.

Consequently, several Nigerien importers have shifted to Togo, abandoning their usual transit route.

The decision of the country not to turn its back on its landlocked neighbors has garnered the esteem of the people of the Sahel States Alliance in general, and Niger in particular, for President Faure Gnassingbé.

Publications and testimonials about the Togolese head of state speak volumes about their gratitude towards him as a significant supporter during these challenging times, even when they faced electricity supply cuts from Nigeria.

On social media, messages of thanks to Faure Gnassingbé continue to pour in. Both importers and the entire population consider the Togolese leader a champion of Pan-Africanism and a barrier against any attempt to destabilize their countries, thanks to his impeccable stance during the Niger crisis.




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