Niger: The country seeks to strengthen its security cooperation with Italy

Niger’s Prime Minister, Ali Lamine Zeine, recently conducted an interview with La Repubblica, highlighting Niger’s endeavors to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Italy in the field of security.

Zeine acknowledged Niger’s past collaboration with the United States on counterterrorism intelligence but expressed a desire to broaden such partnerships to include other nations, with Italy being a key focus.

«While we have actively collaborated with the United States in the fight against terrorism, I believe there is room for broader cooperation», stated Zeine.

He also revealed ongoing discussions initiated by Niger’s Minister of Defense with various countries, including Italy, to establish bilateral security agreements.

The Prime Minister addressed the recent alliance formed between Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, characterizing it as «an attempt to regain independence and full sovereignty».

Zeine emphasized the positive strides made in combating jihadist terrorism, including groups like Boko Haram, through this regional collaboration.

On the subject of France, Zeine clarified that the decision to withdraw French forces did not fall under his government’s jurisdiction, a move unrecognized by Paris. «France, as always, has tried to manage internal processes in Niger, and we have all stated that this is sufficient», explained Zeine.

Responding to Europe’s concerns about Russia’s increasing influence in the Sahel, the Nigerien Prime Minister asserted his country’s sovereignty.

«We make decisions regarding migrants and Russia; Europe does not instruct us», he declared.

In essence, under Prime Minister Ali Lamine Zeine’s leadership, Niger aims to strengthen security ties with Italy while solidifying a regional alliance with Mali and Burkina Faso to counteract terrorism.

Zeine’s remarks underscore a commitment to preserving national sovereignty and making independent decisions regarding relationships with France and Russia.

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Titi Keita


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