Strengthening maritime ties: Togo and Niger forge new partnership

Togo aims to establish an enhanced maritime partnership with Niger, marking a new chapter in cooperation amid recent developments in the sub-region, notably the formation of the Sahel States Alliance (AES), which includes Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

During a recent high-level visit of Nigerien representatives to the Port of Lomé, Togo’s Minister of Maritime Economy, Edem Kokou Tengue, expressed the shared commitment to intensify trade between the two countries.

The minister outlined the objective of facilitating the flow of goods between Togo and Niger to bolster the economies of both nations.

This initiative aligns with ongoing efforts to strengthen trade relations with Sahel countries.

Togo has already engaged in significant trade with regional partners such as Burkina Faso and Mali. These nations stand as key commercial allies for Togo. The new direction underscores Togo’s determination to deepen ties with Niger, fostering a mutually beneficial maritime cooperation.




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