Togo: Aneho History International Festival (FIHA)/When History, culture and Tourism Bring people together

The Aneho History International Festival (FIHA) is making its return for the third time, bringing with it new dimensions and vibrant colors, particularly highlighting Turkey as the guest of honor.

Themed «Discoveries», this year’s FIHA not only celebrates the fruitful cooperation between Togo and Turkey but also explores the cultural, religious, and artistic dimensions of Turkey’s relationship with Africa.

Muteber Kiliç, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye, emphasizes the significant momentum gained in the relations between Turkey and Africa over the past decade.

She expresses delight in sharing Turkish culture with festival-goers through various colourful performances and pledges efforts to strengthen friendship and cooperation between Türkiye and Togo.

Scheduled from November 14 to 17, 2024, this cultural and historical event aims to showcase Aného as a tricentennial city, becoming a cultural and tourist hub for the hundreds of expected visitors.

The uniqueness of this 3rd edition lies in the organization of an economic forum between Togo and Turkey, bringing together Turkish and Togolese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

On the festive side, the program includes an Aného carnival, religious rituals, typical songs, and ancestral dances.   

Representatives from Brazil and the Caribbean will also participate in this international gathering of culture, history, and spirituality.

The FIHA promises to be an unforgettable moment where cultural and historical boundaries converge in a vibrant and enriching celebration.


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