Togo: President Faure Gnassingbé intensifies efforts to strengthen security and protect the Population

President Faure Gnassingbé of the Togolese Republic has reiterated his steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety and security of both citizens and property throughout the nation. In pursuit of this paramount goal, the President and his government have undertaken a significant measure: bolstering national security by establishing a range of new military units.

With this strategic vision in mind, Togo has inaugurated fresh police units, including precincts, police outposts, and Republican intervention companies.

This decisive action is aimed at fortifying citizen protection and safeguarding public order.

These newly formed police units, stationed in 18 different prefectures across the country, have been tasked with the critical mission of upholding the safety of individuals and their belongings, while also preserving and restoring public tranquillity within their designated operational zones.

The official decree outlining this initiative was enacted on February 24th, underscoring the government’s commitment to swift and effective action.

The Director General of the National Police has been duly instructed to take all requisite measures to ensure the seamless implementation of this security enhancement strategy.

This proactive step vividly underscores President Faure Gnassingbé’s resolute dedication to advancing both the development and security of Togo, affirming his leadership’s unwavering focus on safeguarding the well-being and prosperity of the nation’s citizens.


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