Mali/Diplomacy: The country’s authorities create and strengthen bilateral relations in accordance with established principles

In pursuit of securing and preserving the independence, sovereignty, and dignity of the Republic of Mali and its people, patriotic and honorable sons of the country have established rules that will now govern diplomatic relations with foreign countries. Interference in the affairs of a sovereign state has always led to problems.

This is what Malian authorities aim to avoid, indirectly shielding their country from external domination.

External domination has long prevailed, turning most Francophone African countries into properties and stepping stones for foreign powers, during and after colonization.

Now, Mali is forging or re-establishing relations based on three established principles: respect for the country’s sovereignty, respect for strategic choices and partnerships made by Mali, and defending the vital interests of the Malian people in decision-making processes.

It is time for African peoples to liberate themselves and command respect from the world that currently views them as inferior.

Malian authorities, led by Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, President of the transition and Head of State, are committed to these principles in all diplomatic relations.

The new ambassadors accredited to Mali have been officially installed based on these fundamental principles for Malians.

Indeed, on Tuesday, March 19, the transitional president received credentials from five (05) new ambassadors from the sister Republic of Niger, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Venezuela, Canada, and Spain.

This also reflects the Malian authorities’ willingness to further open up to the world, contrary to what their detractors claim.

Having strong, fruitful, and mutually beneficial bilateral relations is the desire of Mali’s leaders.

It sets an example for all other Francophone African states that still languish under imperialism and poverty.


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