Legal documents reveal concerns over crowding at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival before tragic events

Court documents reveal that organisers of rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival were aware of potential crowding issues prior to the tragic events in 2021 that resulted in 10 deaths.

Concerns were raised about the number of people near the stage, with the festival’s safety head expressing doubts about fitting 50,000 attendees in front of the stage.

Evidence suggests that festival planners miscalculated the legal capacity of the venue, leading to overcrowding.

The documents also highlight concerns about gatecrashers and security lapses, which compounded the overcrowding issue.

Organisers were worried about un-ticketed individuals gathering around the venue perimeter, further adding to the crowd size.

These factors, along with a failure to monitor the crowd effectively, are cited as contributing factors to the tragic incident.

The civil case, scheduled for May, includes defendants such as Travis Scott, Live Nation Entertainment, and ASM, the venue manager.

Despite previous investigations and legal actions, including a rejected independent investigation and no criminal charges against Mr Scott and others, the lawsuits and legal challenges continue.

Rapper Drake, who performed at the festival, is also named in some lawsuits but is seeking dismissal, claiming he had no involvement in the festival’s planning or awareness of safety issues.


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