Ugandan Government mandates Physical exercise for civil Servants to promote Health and combat disease

Uganda’s government has mandated all civil servants to allocate two hours per week for physical exercise, aiming to promote fitness and overall health among its workforce. The directive, conveyed in a letter from Lucy Nakyobe, the head of public service, emphasizes the importance of these sessions in enhancing staff well-being and reducing disease prevalence.

The initiative, highlighted by the Government of Uganda on social media, aims to combat the increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases in the country.

This decision follows a national health survey revealing a notable rise in obesity rates, from 17% to 26% over 17 years.

This move builds on Uganda’s previous efforts to promote physical activity, including the establishment of a national day for physical activity in 2018, marked by various sports events nationwide.

Dr. Charles Oyoo Akiya, the commissioner for non-communicable diseases prevention, noted ongoing exercise programs within the health ministry and expressed a desire for their expansion across all government departments.

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