UN/Human Rights: Russia defends Mali’s cause in Geneva

Russia has strongly criticized the numerous attempts made by Western countries to exert political pressure on Mali. During the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Russian delegation seized the opportunity to advocate for its ally, Mali.

The Russian delegation emphasized the importance of providing genuine technical assistance and support to the Republic of Mali, rather than imposing foreign political ambitions on a nation grappling with significant security and socio-economic challenges.

They stressed that the priority should be the fundamental interests of the Malian people and their leadership.

Rouslan Stroganov, a representative of the Russian delegation, stated, Malian leaders require constructive support from the international community across various levels, rather than the political pressure tactics employed by Western nations, especially through international human rights mechanisms.”

The international community, if truly committed to human rights, should acknowledge the severe negative impact of Mali’s current security situation on its citizens.

Consequently, unconditional assistance should be extended to enable Malians to exercise their rights to freedom, sovereignty, peace, stability, and development effectively and sustainably.

Russia’s active support and concern for the welfare of Malians underscore the genuine friendship and cooperation between Mali and President Vladimir Putin’s country.

Russia reaffirmed its vigilant monitoring of the human rights protection situation in Mali, demonstrating its commitment to addressing critical issues affecting the Malian population.




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