Niger/Migration: A cry from Nigerien nationals in Algeria prompts the authorities to take action

According to information released by national media, Nigerien migrants living in Algeria have reportedly faced inhumane treatment by Algerian security services during operations to repatriate and deport irregular migrants in the Sub-Saharan region.

Several homes of Nigerien migrant families were allegedly vandalized during these operations, with valuable items seized by Algerian police officers.

These violent and unacceptable acts have endangered the physical integrity and property security of Nigerien nationals residing in Algeria.

In response to this situation, the Nigerien government has reacted by addressing the Algerian authorities.

The Nigerien ministry responsible for external Nigerien affairs has condemned the methods used by Algerian police and expressed the Nigerien authorities’ protest.

This message was delivered to the Algerian diplomat in Niger, Mr. Bekhedda Mehdi, who was summoned for this purpose.


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