Transition of Andres Iniesta: From player to potential Coach at club emirates

Andres Iniesta, nearing 40 years old, is already preparing for life after his playing career. The former FC Barcelona player is likely to transition into coaching, despite being less visible since leaving Barcelona in 2018.

Currently playing for Club Emirates in the Gulf region’s top division, Iniesta faces challenges as his team is at risk of relegation to the second division, which would be a first for him since his Barcelona days.

The club’s president, Al-Batran, stated that if the team avoids relegation, Iniesta will continue playing, but if they are relegated, he will become the team’s coach.

Al-Batran emphasized Iniesta’s technical and physical capabilities and expressed reluctance to see such a valued player in the second division.

This potential move follows a trend of former Barcelona players like Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Mikel Arteta, and Xavi transitioning into coaching roles, continuing the club’s legacy of nurturing football talent.



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