Burkina-Faso: More new equipment for the FDS and VDP engaged in the reconquest of the territory

Amid ongoing efforts to reclaim lost territory, the armed forces have received a significant boost in operational capabilities. Led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the supreme commander of the military, recent acquisitions including drones, missiles, and aerial vectors have fortified their strength.

Thanks to contributions from the people and collaboration with Egypt, the armed forces now boast an impressive arsenal: 75 vehicles, comprising 7 APC ambulances, 20 M53 vehicles, 20 Sadco vehicles, 20 tanker vehicles, 4 Armored cars, and 2 Armored Buses, alongside APC memsah vehicles.

These new assets are poised to vastly enhance the capacities of the Armed Forces and  the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP), tirelessly working day and night to restore peace in Burkina Faso.

Under President Ibrahim Traoré’s astute leadership during this transitional phase, efforts to mobilize support from the populace have been relentless.

By equipping the defense and security forces with sophisticated military equipment and ensuring their readiness for their constitutional duties of defense and security, President Traoré is making remarkable progress towards peace in Burkina Faso.

As we continue to contribute to peace efforts, let us extend unwavering support, strength, and courage to the Armed Forces and VDP as they carry out their crucial operations.


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