Breaking boundaries: Beyoncé’s influence on country music diversity

Shaboozey, a rising artist from Virginia with Nigerian roots, sees Beyoncé’s latest project, Cowboy Carter, as a catalyst for an essential debate. «I think it’s fantastic. I mean, Beyoncé’s ability to spark this conversation and include more people in this space is just, Beyoncé is one of my role models and just an idol. So, seeing her step into this (country music) has been honestly beneficial for me and many other artists in this space», the young artist explained.

Shaboozey, who is featured in Beyoncé’s 27-track album, unveiled his debut album «Lady Wrangler» in 2018.

He shared how he came to blend hip-hop with country western music. «I think growing up, I just didn’t have, there was no – there were no walls. Being from Virginia, there was really nothing to compare to. I’ve always been one to experiment and I think that’s what I continue to bring to music».

Similarly, Reyna Roberts collaborated with Beyoncé on her album Act II, providing background vocals on tracks like “Blackbiird” and “Tyrant.”

She described Queen B as a source of inspiration. “I think it’s fantastic. I’m the biggest Beyoncé fan. She has inspired my entire career. Obviously, there are other artists who have also inspired me, but she has always been this indispensable figure and embodiment of excellence,” Roberts said.

Beyoncé’s entry into country music – and the motivation behind it – has reignited discussions on the genre’s origins and diversity.

While the former Destiny’s Child singer offered her audience a reimagined version of Dolly Parton’s legendary «Jolene», her album «is not a country album» but rather «a Beyoncé album» that defies genres.

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