Mali: Security is a prerequisite for transparent elections

In the heart of every electoral process lies a fundamental principle: the safety of citizens. This truth holds particular relevance in Mali, which is grappling with security challenges, notably terrorism.

However, organizing elections in such a context of security unrest presents a major challenge.

The presence of armed groups in certain regions of the country seriously compromises citizens’ ability to exercise their right to vote safely.

To ensure legitimate and representative elections, it is essential to guarantee the participation of the entire population, including those in the most insecure regions.

Thus, securing the territory becomes an absolute priority to create conducive conditions for free and fair elections.

It is crucial for the President of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, to acknowledge that insecurity creates a climate of fear and uncertainty that can deter voters from going to the polls and candidates from running.

Undoubtedly, security remains an indispensable prerequisite for holding elections in Mali.

Without this security, citizens’ rights to choose their representatives and actively participate in political life risk being severely compromised.

Instead of insisting on elections in an unfavorable environment, the African Union should focus efforts on finding solutions to help Mali eradicate the scourge of terrorism permanently.


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