Mali initiates National Values Education Program under Colonel Assimi Goïta’s leadership

In a bid to revitalize the nation, Mali has launched a National Values Education Program led by Colonel Assimi Goïta. This program aims to reaffirm the importance of cultural riches and ancestral traditions in the country’s development process.

This initiative showcases Mali’s determination to reconnect with traditional societal values amid the current multidimensional crisis facing the nation.

The Head of State emphasized the urgent need to promote values education as a crucial pillar of knowledge and openness, essential for building a strong and enlightened society.

Colonel Assimi Goïta, during the program’s official launch, asserted, «Our nation’s destiny is closely tied to the preservation and promotion of our societal, human, and cultural values», highlighting the vital significance of this project for Mali’s future.

The National Values Education Program presents an opportunity to strengthen national unity and enhance Mali’s social fabric.

By laying the groundwork for a renewed and resilient Mali, this program prepares the country to tackle future challenges while drawing guidance from its traditional values as a moral compass, ensuring a promising future for generations to come.




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