Burkina Faso/Counter-terrorism: Fighters’ achievements the result of increased mobilisation by Burkinabe

The people of Burkina Faso, committed to peace, stability, and the complete sovereignty of their beloved nation, continue to make sacrifices in support of the fight against terrorism and the recovery of their entire national territory. Reports indicate that 31% of the targeted financial resources for the patriotic support fund have already been mobilized.

According to government information disseminated by the AIB, the patriotic support fund has accumulated over 31 billion CFA francs in the first three months of 2024.

Specifically, contributions from Burkinabe citizens have totalled thirty-one billion, two million, six hundred seventy-nine thousand, nine hundred eighteen (31,002,679,918) CFA francs.

The government, aiming to raise 100 billion CFA francs by the end of 2024, has thus achieved 31% of its goal in the first quarter alone, as reported by the Minister of State and Government Spokesperson, Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo.

This positive outcome is attributed to the determination and strong commitment of the Burkinabe people to support the anti-terrorism efforts.

Additionally, the transitional authorities have demonstrated through their concrete actions that they are trustworthy in managing public affairs.

This builds confidence among citizens and supports the fighters who are sacrificing for the security and liberation of their country, despite numerous challenges.

 It underscores the belief that no sacrifice is too great when it comes to the nation’s future.

For example, this week, security sources reported the neutralization of several terrorists and the recovery of logistics and livestock during offensive operations in various regions of Burkina Faso.

The collective sacrifices are ongoing, all aimed at making the authorities’ vision a reality: eradicating terrorism in 2024 to restore peace, security, and stability to the “Land of Honest People.”


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