Burkina-Faso: Shots from an armed individual countered at the Presidential Palace, coup attempt foiled?

What happened at the Presidential Palace? According to reports, an armed individual targeted the sentry on duty at the palace, and gunshots were heard. However, thanks to the quick response of the soldiers on duty, the situation was brought under control without any damage. What was this armed individual attempting to do? Who is behind this attack?

Although Burkinabe media describe the incident as swiftly managed by the presidential guard, it should not be taken lightly.

Security services must remain on high alert, along with vigilant citizens, as demonstrated by the many Wayiyans who mobilized in support of the transition in the streets of Ouagadougou.

This incident occurs in a context of warnings about potential destabilization plans for the country.

It is urgent for intelligence and security services to thoroughly investigate this incident to prevent any future threats.

Meanwhile, the people are enraged against those attempting to destabilize the country. Citizens continue to rally in support of the transition.


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