Over Sixty women and children freed in Zamfara State, Nigeria following military operations

In Nigeria, local authorities in Zamfara State have announced the release of over sixty women and children who were kidnapped in early April. This release is the result of recent military operations conducted in the region, which is plagued by terrorist activities.

On Thursday, May 23, a statement from the Zamfara State government confirmed the release of sixty-four women and children who had been abducted in early April in northwestern Nigeria.

Suleiman Bala Idris, the spokesperson for the Zamfara governor, stated, «The kidnappers have released the sixty-four women and children abducted from the village, thanks to military operations conducted by the troops in the region».

The previous month, armed bandits had attacked the remote village of Gidan Danzara, located in the Zurmi district of the state.

According to the same source, this release is the result of a massive deployment of military forces in the region over the past few days.

The army’s actions exerted pressure on the terrorists, forcing them to flee to neighboring states and release their captives.

Zamfara is one of the states in northwestern and central Nigeria that has long been afflicted by the activities of criminal groups.

These groups often arise from conflicts between herders and farmers, with the latter accusing the former of devastating their lands with their livestock.


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