Burkina Faso/National Meetings: A single day would have been enough to decide the fate of the transition

Initially planned to span two days, the National Assembly convened to decide the future of Burkina Faso’s transition concluded in just one day, on Saturday, May 25, 2024.

This early conclusion reflects the widespread satisfaction with the transition’s progress and the strong confidence in the dynamic and patriotic team that has been leading the country for nearly two years, earning the pride of Burkinabe citizens.

The consultations and discussions among the nation’s active forces culminated in the drafting of a new transition charter.

This revised charter was signed at the end of the day by Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, now officially the President of Faso and Head of State.

The new charter grants an additional 60 months, or five years, to Captain TRAORE’s mandate, starting from July 2.

His former title of «president of the transition» has been replaced with «President of Faso».

According to the revised charter, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, the Prime Minister, and the President of the Transitional Legislative Assembly (ALT) are now eligible to run in the upcoming presidential, legislative, and local elections in Burkina Faso.

The new charter, consisting of four sections and 28 articles, introduces several other innovations as well.

This updated transition charter particularly highlights the Burkinabe people’s trust in Captain Ibrahim TRAORE to lead Burkina Faso successfully.

His previous actions and bold decisions in the country’s best interest have significantly influenced the national forces’ decision.

This new period allows President TRAORE to continue and complete his policies on combating terrorism, fully reclaiming national territory, achieving food self-sufficiency, promoting industrialization, and ultimately restoring peace, stability, and socio-economic development in Burkina Faso.




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