Mali: President Assimi GOÏTA receives the Director General of ASECNA on the state of air navigation

Earlier this week, the Transitional President, His Excellency Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, held a meeting with Mr. Mohamed Moussa, the Director-General of the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA).

This meeting provided an opportunity for Mr. Moussa to present a comprehensive overview of the current state of air navigation after three challenging years.

During the audience, Mr. Mohamed Moussa gave a thorough report on the present conditions in the African air navigation sector.

He highlighted significant progress made in Mali, particularly in terms of modernizing equipment and enhancing technical capacities.

These improvements are a testament to ongoing efforts to boost the safety and efficiency of air navigation in the region.

However, despite these advancements, challenges remain. Mr. Moussa emphasized the urgent need for improved infrastructure and personnel training, which are crucial for ensuring safe and reliable air navigation.

He also discussed issues related to regional coordination and the integration of advanced technologies into air traffic management systems.

Colonel Assimi GOÏTA expressed his gratitude for ASECNA’s efforts and reaffirmed Mali’s commitment to working closely with the agency to address the current challenges.

He underscored the importance of air navigation for the country’s economic development and regional connectivity.

The meeting served to strengthen cooperation between Mali and ASECNA, focusing on future priorities to enhance aeronautical infrastructure and professional training.

Discussions also covered strategies for securing additional resources and attracting investments in the air navigation sector.






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