International: Saudi Arabia launches international campaign against Hajj fraud

Saudi Arabia has recently intensified its efforts to combat fraudulent Hajj campaigns, as announced by Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfiq Al Rabiah.

In response to a surge in scams targeting pilgrims, this international initiative aims to dismantle fraudulent networks and inform potential travelers about the risks associated with deceptive offers from certain travel agencies in Arab countries.

These fraudulent campaigns primarily target individuals from Arab nations who wish to perform the pilgrimage, offering fictitious packages that include accommodation, transportation, and sacrificial animals.

Scammers spread these deceptive advertisements on social media, enticing victims with low-cost Hajj campaigns that promise suitable accommodation and express visas.

Fraudsters create websites that mimic those of accredited Hajj and Umrah offices to collect victims’ banking and personal information.

Additionally, fake intermediaries pose as accredited agents of the Ministry of Hajj.

Security services have issued warnings against these fraudulent campaigns and emphasized their commitment to prosecuting the perpetrators under the law.

Offenders face fines of up to 10,000 Saudi rials, with penalties doubling for repeat offenders who violate Hajj regulations.

Saudi authorities stress that performing the pilgrimage requires obtaining a Hajj visa issued by Saudi authorities in coordination with relevant services in the concerned countries, or through the “Nusuk Hajj” platform for countries without official departments and services dedicated to organizing the pilgrimage.


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