Algeria: Impressive customs seizures despite awareness campaigns

Algerian customs authorities have recently revealed alarming figures that highlight the extent of seizure operations carried out at the country’s ports and airports. These results, though surprising, reflect the persistent challenges faced by customs despite their awareness efforts.

According to a customs statement relayed by Echorouk, nearly 5000 seizure operations were conducted in the first nine months of 2023, from January to September.

These operations led to the confiscation of a variety of goods with a total value of 4.546 billion dinars, generating cumulative fines of 37.192 billion dinars.

The statement also specifies that 5157 individuals were involved in these cases, emphasizing the scale of illicit activity.

Regarding violations related to legislation and regulations on capital movements to and from the national territory, customs authorities seized nearly 4 kg of gold and 6 kg of silver during the first nine months of 2023.

These figures not only reveal the persistence of illicit activities at the borders despite awareness campaigns but also underscore the need to strengthen control and surveillance measures.

The Algerian customs remains committed to combating these illegal practices to protect the national economy and ensure the security of the country’s borders.


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