Algeria: Renewal of Sonatrach’s Scientific and Technical Council Members

Sonatrach CEO Rachid Hachichi announced on Tuesday 28 November the new composition of Sonatrach’s Scientific and Technical Council.

The new board, which will operate for a period of three (3) years, comprises twenty (20) permanent members, including Mayouf Belgacem, Vice President of the Marketing Business Unit, as representative of the CEO, and Mustapha Mohamed Benamara, Central R&D Director, according to a press release from the oil and gas group.

In addition to the permanent members from Sonatrach structures, universities and research centres, ten (10) substitute members are also part of this board.

Two (02) honorary members, namely Prof. Djebbar Tiab, Professor Emeritus of Reservoir Engineering at the University of Oklahoma and CEO of UPTECH, and Prof. Noureddine Melikchi, Dean of the Kennedy School of Engineering at the University of Delaware (USA) and research engineer at NASA, complete the membership, the press release states.

The Scientific and Technical Council acts as an advisory body, ensuring the coherence of Sonatrach‘s scientific policy and providing opinions and recommendations on all aspects of research and development within the company.

Its responsibilities include validating the strategy and portfolio of scientific and technological projects of Sonatrach’s Central Research & Development Department, monitoring and evaluating its performance, and promoting the pooling of resources for applied research between the company’s various structures, the press release concludes.


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