Colonel Madjoulba urges vigilance during the Harmattan Season in Togo

Colonel Madjoulba Calixte, the Minister of Security and Civil Protection in Togo, has issued a crucial appeal to all stakeholders engaged in disaster prevention and management. Through a statement released on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, Colonel Madjoulba strongly urges reinforcing surveillance during this Harmattan period to anticipate any dramatic events.

In Faure Gnassingbé’s country, the dry season is currently marked by the influence of Harmattan, characterized by strong and dry winds that could facilitate the spread of vegetation fires and wildfires.

The statement highlights the risks associated with the traditional practice of agricultural burning, emphasizing the possible devastating consequences, both in terms of material and human impact.

Agricultural burning, whether on cleared or uncleared land, is often the cause of uncontrolled fires leading to significant material damage, economic losses, and even loss of human lives.

In the effort to prevent and minimize these risks inherent to the specific Harmattan period, the Minister of Security and Civil Protection urgently calls on all stakeholders involved in disaster prevention and management to maintain constant vigilance.

The goal is to timely alert exposed populations, thus contributing to the safety and protection of citizens facing the specific challenges of this climatic season.

This initiative aims to ensure effective coordination and a swift response to mitigate potential impacts on the population and the environment.


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