2nd Hamb Art festival: Nearly 15,000 festival-goers expected

The 2nd edition of the Hamb’Art festival, organized by Poro-production, is set to take place from December 4 to December 10, 2023, in Niakara, a department in the Hambol region. The festival will revolve around the theme, «Culture as a Vector for Cross-Border Social Cohesion».

According to Soungari Koné, the festival’s promoter, actor, and General Commissioner, the primary goal of the Hamb’Art festival is to bring together the dispersed Tagbana people from around the world.

This festival serves as a means to preserve the culture and identity of the Tagbanas.

«In the first edition, we had 5,000 festival-goers. This year, we expect 15,000 attendees», announced Lagnon Fidèle Koné, Director of Poro production.

From the first edition, research revealed that there were Tagbanas in Ghana and Mali who share cultural similarities with those in Côte d’Ivoire.

In these two countries, these ethnic groups are known as the Wangara and the Mianka, respectively.

 They are also expected to participate in this edition of the festival. In addition to the delegation of the 375 Wangaras from the first edition, there will be additional participants, along with another delegation from the Tagbana’s fraternal people in Mali.

«Regardless of the political situation, if we had followed in the footsteps of our ancestors, there would never have been war in Côte d’Ivoire. We invite you to the integration festival to revive the value of interethnic alliance», expressed Soungari Koné, the festival’s General Commissioner.

According to Lagnon Fidèle Koné, Director of Poro production, the 7-day festival will feature a cultural fair, cultural performances, school artistic competitions, a contest for the most beautiful traditional outfit, a sports day, traditional wrestling competitions, training sessions, and other activities.

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