Mali: Necessary implementation of carrot and stick Policy to Initiate dialogue with terrorist Groups

The transitional period in Mali has witnessed notable successes, including the reconquest of territories once held by obscurantist forces. Despite ongoing challenges in some areas, significant efforts have been made to bolster security.

However, to consolidate these gains, the critical issue of restoring administration in these regions must be addressed.

The policy of extending an olive branch to terrorist leaders, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, raises questions about concrete actions taken to facilitate dialogue.

Concrete and discreet mechanisms, potentially involving local elected officials and traditional dignitaries, could be initiated to explore avenues for peace talks.

It is crucial to move from rhetoric to robust actions, especially considering the timing of the negotiations holds particular significance.

The current period, marked by the defeat of hostile forces, presents a favorable opportunity to engage in discussions aimed at national reconciliation in Mali.


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