Mali: 3rd “Les Practicables” festival from 8 to 17 December

The «Les Practicables» festival is being held from 8 to 17 December in the traditional district of Bamako-Coura. Since 2017, artists from Mali and around the world have been taking part in this event to showcase their art. The programme for this fifth edition includes plays, operas, fashion shows and other artistic performances.

For ten days, from 8 to 17 December, Bamako’s city centre will be abuzz with celebrations.

The “Les Practicables” festival will be taking place there. At the head of this project is Lamine Diarra.

An actor and director, he trained at the National Arts Institute in Bamako. A graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts” in Paris, he now intends to immerse the country in culture.

“Les Praticables” is both an artistic research laboratory, active throughout the year, and a major performing arts festival held in Bamako every two years.

 Its programming combines performances that are the culmination of the training work of young artists (directors, choreographers, authors, actors, dancers, visual artists, performers) and new creations by internationally renowned artists.

The festival is thus an intense and stimulating space for discovery, offering not only performances but also ongoing activity through readings and wide-ranging debates around the issues of civic art, the relationship of the municipality and the community to live art, and the revival of theatrical, choreographic and performance forms in Mali’s urban space.

The festival began life in a district of Bamako’s Commune III, and the last two editions of its biennial event, in 2019 and 2021, have seen it expand beyond its original space to become a strong and lasting part of the city.

For the 2023 edition, the festival will continue its urban expansion, offering the public the chance to join the artists in new venues such as Le Tempo, the former dance hall in the river district.

The whole community is mobilised around the festival as part of a unique event that will forge a new relationship between the public and the creative arts.

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