Time Magazine Honors Lionel Messi as 2023 Athlete of the Year for Historic Impact with Inter Miami

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini has achieved another milestone in his illustrious career by being named the 2023 Athlete of the Year by the renowned American magazine, Time. This recognition comes after Messi’s historic debut in the Major League Soccer (MLS) for Inter Miami on July 21, 2023, sporting the distinctive pink jersey. Notably, Messi is the first footballer ever to receive the prestigious Athlete of the Year award from Time.

In an interview with the American magazine, Messi shared insights into his move to Inter Miami, emphasizing the significance of the club in his priorities.

This marks another accolade for the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner, solidifying his status as a football legend.

Messi’s arrival in Florida post his contract with Paris Saint-Germain in June stirred excitement for football in a region predominantly focused on basketball and American football.

David Beckham, co-owner of Inter Miami, expressed his emotional response to Messi’s addition, highlighting the transformative impact on the local football scene.

Beyond the persistent interest from Inter Miami, Messi also acknowledged considerations about joining the Saudi Arabian league, recognizing the country’s efforts in developing a powerful football competition.

Messi contemplated the potential significance of the Saudi league in the near future.

This recognition and Messi’s reflections on his journey with Inter Miami showcase the global impact of his career and the evolving landscape of football in different regions.



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