Togo: Coffee industry Stakeholders receive training on European export standards

Over 100 million people worldwide derive income from coffee, making it a crucial commodity in global trade, especially in countries where it tops the list of exports, sustaining thousands of livelihoods. Given this significance, the coffee market has become demanding, necessitating efficient export organizations, particularly for African industry players, to meet the standards required for exporting this commodity to Europe.

To empower stakeholders in the coffee industry to familiarize themselves with coffee export standards, the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva has organized a training workshop in Lomé, starting on December 4.

The workshop is aimed at exporters from member countries of the African and Madagascar Robusta Coffee Agency (ACRAM).

In collaboration with the Coffee and Cocoa Coordination Committee (CCFCC), the workshop focuses on «Techniques and Export Standards for Coffee for Small and Medium Enterprises».

The objectives include helping participants understand the European coffee buyer landscape, developing tools for cost calculation, and assessing the export’s profitability potential to Europe.

«By understanding and adhering to European standards, stakeholders in the coffee industry can ensure consumer satisfaction, thereby enhancing the reputation of African coffee globally. These training sessions are tools for adapting to market requirements and drivers of sustainable development», stated Sadiq Syed, ITC representative.

According to Anselme Gouthon, Secretary-General of CCFCC, well-equipped exporters will evolve into efficient coffee export organizations to Europe.

This workshop is part of the ACP Business Friendly program funded by the European Union (EU).

Spanning five days, the training brings together participants from various ACRAM member countries, including Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, Liberia, DR Congo, and Togo.

In parallel with the exporter training, CCFCC is organizing a workshop from December 5 to 7 for young baristas on kiosk and coffee bar management. This initiative aims to promote the professional integration of youth into the coffee sector and encourage local consumption.


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