Israel-Hamas War: Israeli catastrophe reaches another Stage after the ceasefire ends

The humanitarian situation worsens in Gaza. As the Israeli military continues its offensive and deploys troops in the southern part of the densely populated Palestinian enclave, now even more crowded with the influx of hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals, several humanitarian organizations and international bodies express concern over an “even more infernal scenario” for civilians.

The area targeted by Israel, where organizations like the UN and the Red Cross are no longer able to coordinate humanitarian efforts after enduring particularly difficult conditions before the ceasefire in northern Gaza, has raised alarm.

Lynn Hastings, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian Territories, denounced this situation, warning, «An even more infernal scenario is about to unfold, to which humanitarian operations may not be able to respond».

Israel announced last week that the visa for this UN mission would not be renewed.

The advance of Israeli forces to the south is pushing «tens of thousands more people to flee into increasingly concentrated spaces, with a desperate need for food, water, shelter, and security»,adds Lynn Hastings.

Mirjana Spoljaric, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), echoed similar sentiments.

Arriving in Gaza on Monday, she immediately spoke out against the «intolerable» suffering of the population, a message she wanted to convey in a rare statement from the humanitarian aid institution.

«What shocked me the most are the children with horrific injuries who have also lost their parents and have no one to care for them», she added, emphasizing that civilians «have nowhere to go».

The Palestinian Red Crescent also denounced Israeli tank fire on «an area near two ambulances, as they were transporting injured people» in southern Gaza.

Several members of the medical staff and the ambulances were damaged by these strikes.

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