Burkina Faso: In Nayala, a terrorist is spared by the army for an awareness-raising mission. An unprecedented humanitarian act!

In a daring operation carried out by the Burkina Faso army at the instigation of the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, on Sunday 3 December several terrorists were neutralised in Moara-Grand (Nayala), but only one criminal was spared. The aim of this strategic decision was to use the survivor to send a clear message to his accomplices: lay down your arms or face a fatal outcome.

The incident took place in the early evening of 3 December 2023 when dozens of terrorists attacked the peaceful population of Bo, located 5 km from Biba in the province of Nayala.

As well as attacking civilians, the assailants intended to steal the livestock of the hard-working residents.

Alerted, aerial vectors monitored the criminals’ movements as far as Moara-Grand. Thinking they could escape the vigilance of the pilots by camouflaging themselves under tall trees, the terrorists made a fatal error.

The air operators located them and violently hit them in their hiding places, causing the death of many of the assailants.

In addition to the loss of life, equipment was also recovered, demonstrating the effectiveness of the security forces.

Despite the bombardments, some of the survivors fled through the bush until they were exhausted, before deciding to hide again.

In a second wave of bombings, the sky marshals decided to show mercy to a single criminal, giving him a crucial mission.

The mission assigned to the spared terrorist was clear: to convey the message of the people of Burkina Faso and the Fighting Forces to his accomplices.

The message was simple but firm: «There is still time to lay down your arms, or they will burn in a blazing fire, just like their comrades».

This unique approach underlines the authorities’ desire to put forward the possibility of disarmament, while continuing the reconquest operations to guarantee security in the region.


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