Algeria: President Abdelmadjid Tebboune catalyzes a new era of prosperity through agricultural investment

In a demonstration of his determination to propel Algeria towards a future of economic prosperity, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune achieved a significant milestone at a national meeting in Adrar.

At the heart of this gathering, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Youcef Cherfa, unveiled President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s visionary strategy to intensify agricultural investment in the southern provinces, thus creating a positive momentum toward the country’s sustainable economic development.

This initiative, embodied by the creation of a dedicated green corridor for agricultural investment, is a clear testament to President Tebboune’s commitment to catalyze a new era of prosperity through the agricultural sector.

This green corridor, a key government initiative, aims to facilitate access to land, drilling permits, and connection to the electrical grid for investors active in strategic sectors.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines is also committed to accelerating the electrification of agricultural operations and ensuring the supply of urea and nitrogen fertilizers, thereby reinforcing the agricultural development program.

As part of the government’s strategy to ensure the country’s food security, the Ministry of Agriculture is working on the creation of “integrated megacities” in the southern provinces. These megacities aim to achieve a qualitative leap in agricultural production and processing, paving the way for sustained economic growth.

The meeting also highlighted the concerted efforts of several ministries, such as the Ministry of Hydraulics, to streamline administrative procedures related to agricultural investment. The creation of a one-stop-shop for quickly obtaining drilling permits illustrates the government’s determination to facilitate processes for entrepreneurs.

The ministerial delegation concluded the meeting by laying the foundation stone for a project connecting agricultural wells to the electricity grid, emphasizing government support for initiatives like that of the Algerian-Turkish company “Dunaysir.”

These projects, bringing together small investors, are essential to ensuring a stable supply of raw materials and promoting inclusive economic growth.

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune demonstrates his commitment to Algeria’s economic development through initiatives aimed at stimulating agricultural investment.

These actions promise to strengthen food security, energize the national economy, and create significant employment opportunities.




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