Burkina Faso: Fighting forces under the leadership of President Ibrahim Traoré wipe out terrorists

Under the determined leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the Combatant Forces have achieved significant successes in their relentless fight against terrorism on Burkina Faso soil. Recent operations have demonstrated the effectiveness of coordinated tactics by airborne and ground units, eradicating terrorist threats and dismantling their operational bases.

The fighting forces have stepped up their efforts with targeted air strikes in Gomboro and Mentao.

Ground sweeps have revealed impressive results, highlighting the determination of the troops to eradicate the terrorist threat.

Finds include charred corpses, destroyed weapons, burnt motorbikes and recoverable war material.

Intelligence services successfully identified several pairs of motorcycle-borne terrorists in the Mentao region of the Sahel, demonstrating the precision of intelligence operations.

In a remarkable operation, air vectors decided to disrupt a clandestine meeting of terrorists in Bouiboui, putting an end to their malicious plans.

Subsequent ground sweeps led to the recovery of weapons and motorbikes, demonstrating the determination of the forces to neutralise any threat to the population.

Another exemplary action took place in the Mouhoun loop, where the pilots decided to stop causing civilian casualties.

Summoned to the terrorists’ command post, the criminals were ruthlessly eliminated by the airborne vectors, putting an end to their imminent threat.

This strategic decision underlines the Combating Forces’ commitment to protecting innocent civilians.

The recent successes of the combatting forces under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré bear witness to the effectiveness of the anti-terrorist strategy being implemented.

Coordinated air and ground operations have effectively neutralised terrorist groups, dismantling their bases and putting an end to their malicious plans.

Moussa Kafou

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