China extends generous donation to Niger’s Solidarity Fund

In a ceremony held at the Mahatma Gandhi Conferences Center in Niamey on December 5 and 6, 2023, the Committee for the Management of the Solidarity Fund for the Safeguard of the Homeland (FSSP) in Niger received a significant contribution from China.

The Chinese embassy in Niger presented a cheque for 25 million CFA francs, accompanied by a cash sum of 10,485.80 CFA francs.

Mr. Jiang Feng, the Chinese ambassador, highlighted that this contribution underscores the robust friendship and fruitful cooperation between China and Niger.

Alongside China’s generous donation, several other entities also provided financial support.

SEIF HOLDING handed over a cheque for 2 million CFA francs, the Collective of Trade Unions in the Transport Sector (CSST) contributed 100,000 CFA francs, and the village of Sonsoni Kaina’s population donated 60,000 CFA francs.

Traders from the Lakalkanay market in Niamey contributed 291,000 CFA francs, and the association of retired women from Niger-Telecom added 175,000 CFA francs.

The Niamey 7 inspectorate also played its part with a contribution of 519,500 CFA, and the children of the Larazet kindergarten gave a heartwarming performance of the new anthem «The Honor of the Homeland », accompanied by a financial contribution of 350 CFA.

Nigerien nationals in Katchala in Côte d’Ivoire donated 500,000 CFA Francs, the National Union of Truck Drivers (SNCB) contributed 640,000 CFA, and
The Patriotic Bloc of the Diaspora, Lagos Section contributed 6 million CFA.

Additionally, the Rouga et Garso breeders’ association donated 200,000 CFA and four cows.

This diverse range of contributions showcases the collective effort and solidarity from various sources, further fortifying the FSSP’s mission in safeguarding the nation.

Titi Keita

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