Sahel/What you need to know about the Alliance of Sahel States. A military and political coalition against jihadism and imperialism

The heads of state of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger have formed an historic alliance within the Alliance of Sahel States, marking a joint and determined response to fight jihadism, resist imperialism and restore national sovereignty.

These three countries have witnessed the rise of military leaders who have taken the reins of power with the firm intention of regaining control of a national destiny that they feel has been abandoned to foreign influences, particularly French, and their local allies.

The creation of the Alliance of Sahel States, made official on 16 September, represents a solid political and military pact between Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

The alliance’s charter commits these nations to a joint fight against terrorism and binds them by a «duty of assistance and rescue» in the event of external aggression.

Above all, the alliance promises closer cooperation between their respective armed forces, totalling almost 100,000 men.

This initiative underlines the determination of the leaders of these three countries to face up to common security challenges and to assert their independence from foreign influences.

The military officers in power have consolidated their ranks to form a united front against jihadism and foreign interference, with the aim of restoring national sovereignty.

The Alliance of Sahel States is emerging in a complex regional context, marked by major security challenges and geopolitical tensions.

The coalition promises to reshape the political and security dynamics in the region, while strengthening cooperation between the three nations to address common threats and pursue their national development objectives.


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